Using a Gaming TV Instead of a Computer Monitor

February 24th, 2015

The use of TV’s for gaming is not something new. You surely remember the times in which the best gaming experience was playing Super Mario on a Nintendo console. Back then, there was a huge difference between the way an image was displayed on a computer monitor and the picture provided by a TV screen. The difference was noticeable for the refresh rate, the image quality, the way pixels were displayed on the screen and other factors. There are many reasons to get a gaming TV and the idea that only monitors are designed for gaming is becoming obsolete.

Computer monitors were always made specifically to make computer games look great. Console games were always designed to look good on TV’s and to behave well on television screens. Things changed a drastically during the transition from cathode ray tube displays to TFT screens. TFT’s were the first versions of what is now known as LCD. These displays had a little problem: their response times were quite long and the picture looked like it had motion blur. Newer LCD screens fixed the problem of TFT’s but they still had response times that made games less playable.

Today, LCD screens are used for both types of displays: televisions screens and computer screens. When LCD technology was first used for television sets, the response time was even greater than 30 milliseconds, but now the response times are comparable to the ones of computer LCD screens. This means that TV’s can have response times of even 5 milliseconds. The refresh rate is also very important and this feature has also evolved over time.

Plasma TV’s were available from the times of cathode ray tube devices, but now they have become amazing. While an LCD TV can have a native refresh rate of 50 to 200 Hz, a plasma can reach a refresh rate of 600 Hz. This means that the picture quality is closer to what people see in reality with their eyes. Plasmas were not very good for gaming in the past because of an issue called image retention. But, now this issue is not longer something noticeable. In fact, most of the problems that flat screen television sets had in the past are no longer considered, because the technology is constantly improving.

There is one important thing to keep in mind if you want to be prepared for 4k gaming (ultra HD resolutions). When you need to acquire a 4k gaming TV, you should go for the larger screens. The reason is that ultra HD resolutions are only visible for real if you have television set of at least 50 inches in diameter. For smaller screens, you may only see the difference if you stay closer to the screen. But, most people prefer to watch TV from a distance.

Television sets have remote controls, which is not the case for computer monitors. It is easier in this way to adjust the settings for a gaming TV than it is for a computer screen. TV manufacturers have already realized that their devices are no longer used just for television and movies. Today, the devices are more and more used by gamers and by people who surf the Internet.

Top 6 Best 4k Gaming TV Of All Times

February 17th, 2015

You might be having a problem when you start the week since as usual; you wake up early for work and arrive so late for only supper and slumber. Is this the case with your weekend? Does it also have a problem? It should not! As you close the busy week that has been, it is now time to sit in front of a screen as you press the buttons thus enjoying your preferred game. But to many, the challenge is how to choose the best 4k gaming TV. Here are six types to choose from:

6. Vizio P-Series 4K TV

Heard of Vizio? This is one of the amazing gaming TVs in the market in 21st century. Vizio did not c0ome to the market long ago but it has created an unprecedented impact in its space. One interesting feature with this TV is that it has 72 LED zones that actively and intelligently adjust your TV’s brightness. When this is done automatically, the darkness, the sharp and the colors remain deep, sharp and pure. It comes with a six-core processor. Amazingly, it has an internet App what most of its competitors don’t.

5. Sharp Aquos LC-70UD27U

Even before we give a candid review of its features, it is good to know that this is one of the best 4k gaming TV that is equipped with a SmartCentral 3.0 that allows you to assemble all your content in a central place. What about that? So far, it is the largest gaming TV in the market with THX 4K-certification. Next time you come across, a Sharp TV, give it a damn thought. Its color spectrum is beyond 21%. Among other minor but important features are: AquoDimming technology, Revelation Upscaler and AquoMotion 480 rate in refresh.

4. LG 65UB9200 4k Gaming TV
This is a super 65” Ultra high definition gaming TV that has 8.3 million pixels. Its IPS allows it to have a wide viewing angle. According to some reliable sources, it is wider than Samsung. It is also equipped with a Tru-4K Engine. Since it is a Smart television, it means that you are able to access normal content from: Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. For the next generation play backs, it is fitted with a HEVC decoder. It goes for $3,799.99

3. The Panasonic AX900

With the brand name then you can anticipate the features. It has an array of features that has kept it among the best 4k gaming TV of the season. In order to provide the gamer with more accurate color and contrast the game deserves, Panasonic AX900 comes with a Studio Master Drive that is responsible for this. In case brightness was lost to compression, this TV has the ability to recover. What a feature! Additionally, it has a 4K Fine Remaster Enginev 2 that is responsible for precise noise reduction when gaming. The price is $7.999.99.

2. Samsung UE658500
What do you think is special with brand names like Samsung? Quality is key! This gaming TV that goes for $3.999, has a unique curved display which definitely allows you to immerse your senses. It has good features such as wider field view, auto depth enhancement, and a sense of depth that is superior, UHD upscaling, Skype, PurColor and a built-in camera. You can find it in 55”, 65” and now 78” sizes.

1. Sony XBR-79X900B

Just like the Panasonic VIERA, Sony XBR goes for $3.999. Its features will not be compared with any other in the market. No wonder, it tops the list of the best six. It comes with an X-tended Dynamic Range technology that allows it to emit 2X brightness. The TRILUMINOS display that this TV has is the only widest color spectrum that Sony has ever realized. Amazingly, it has built-in subwoofers. You can now more than any time in the world, stream Playstation up to 3 games.

Yes, grab this best 4k gaming TV which has the highest resolution in 2015